Friday, September 21, 2007

Thing 23- I'm Done Yea ME!

1. I loved the avatars.
2. This was really a great learning experience. I enjoyed learning new electronic activities and resources. This also helped when working with customers who obviously know more than us. Now I feel somewhat intelligent.
3. The surprise was that I actually had time to complete the learning. It really did not take that long, even with our bandwidth issues.
4. I think the designers of this program did a fantastic job. I don't think there are any changes that need to be made. You couldn't possibly make this less labor intensive without the program losing quality. Great job guys. This was great!
5. I would certainly participate again
6. Learning was fun, easy and self paced. You couldn't ask for more.

Thing 22

I'm glad we have OverDrive. Net Library was not user friendly. I am disappointed in the number of under-representation of African American authors and titles with OverDrive.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thing 21

Adding a RSS feed to my bloglines account might be simple enough, however, bloglines never sent me a message to confirm my registration. I continue to ask bloglines to send another email message but I never get it. Therefore I can not add an RSS feed to that account.

Thing 9

Merlin- I loved having library related information in one location. I just signed up so I don't have my password yet. I explored some of the blogs and found them to be interesting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thing 20

I added my video. I think. I hope it appears. The rest of the staff said it takes a few minutes

Thing 19

I used I liked the service it was fast and it functioned just like any other travel site. THe site is for airline flights. Once you select your flight it does take you directly to the airline's website. Pretty neat. The user has a choice of which company powers the search. This is only helpful if you would like to compare prices between those companies. I see no use for it in the library setting.

This is thing 17 or 18. I am writing this in Google Docs word. Pretty neat, now let's see if I can post it to my blog.

Thing 20 - librarian video